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Steve Wills, Director, Substance

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"I found the sales process with Amvia to be a very professional one offering expert solutions to meet my needs. I found the quotation from Amvia far superior to any competitors, it was clear and concise and outlined the options that we could take in an easy-to-read format. I had excellent conversations with Amvia about what we currently had and how to realise our full potential. I ordered a 100/100 Mbps line and had high expectations of installing the line quickly and Amvia delivered."

Adam Pikett - Co-Founder - SportPursuit

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"After treading slowly through a minefield of misinformation what a refreshing and welcome change it was to deal with Amvia. Firstly they made sure they understood our business needs. Secondly they advised on a range of solutions giving clarity of what performance I could expect and at what cost. Thirdly they advised on the most appropriate solution and saved me around £200 per month by doing so, a £5000 saving over a two year contract."


Robert Lockwood - CEO - Taylor Bloxham